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Where are you stuck?

Do you have a quick answer to this or do you have to ponder the question for a bit? Some things are way more obvious than others. You may be trapped in a job you don't like, in a relationship that no longer works or in some kind of life situation that is frustrating and painstaking. On the outside, it is easier to pinpoint the 'place' you are trapped in . However, I dare say: it is an interior place, a pattern, a mindset, an emotion, an echo, a story...that is the true trap you have'nt wiggled free from yet. Because if you had, you would either truly change whatever is bothering you or, if that is, for some reason, not possible right now, you would change your attitude towards it. Either way, you will feel better. What I am saying here is: you always have a choice! To begin your way out of the unwanted situation -even though it might seem detrimental at first sight- one key to move forward is to arrive at an inside place where you are at peace with how things are ri


Mmmh, karma is a word thrown around without really thinking about it or knowing its true meaning. It simply signifies: the law of cause and effect. When people say: 'it is bad karma', they seem to hand what is happening off to some outside power. This is not true. We create karma as we go and when karma 'hits us', we are presented with a challenge that our soul, at some point, agreed to, by the actions it performed, again: at some point. If you will, see your soul as an eager student in this earthly adventure. This is a place for intense lessons, because everything is, at least apparently so, quite dense. We are in our physical bodies and experience physical pain and pleasure, we have emotional bodies that experience pain and pleasure emotionally, and we have mind bodies that experience pain and pleasure of and in the mind. Ok, it is not all just about pain and pleasure, you might say, and yes, I agree, of course there is something in between. But I think you catch my


Just the other day, someone said to me: if you want to make progress in an area that you are stalled in, meet and talk with people who are a step ahead of you, who have figured it out and are already successful at it. Maybe you have heard this kind of advice before, I certainly have. But this time, in the discussed area, I had been revolving around the topic for quite some time, had already considered it initially years ago and hadn't followed through, there were other things, tasks and issues at hand, to be taken care of... But, now, I was ready to follow through! And, lo and behold: the very next day, meeting up with an old friend, who lives on the other side of this planet, after many years, she tells me about the exact thing that I was getting ready to tackle, speaking to me out of the exact ahead postion I just mentioned... and she enjoys and is good at what she does, has taken the necessary steps and gladly gave me pointers and answered my questions! All the questions t


Yay! This is a place for inspirational quotes, ideas, stories, methods, pictures, videos, hunches, book recommendations and whathaveyous... The go-to-place when you want a nudge in the direction of soul happiness, when you want to hear your soul's 'yay'!! The person behind this blog is a down-to-earth yet spiritual, licensed alternative holistic psychotherapist and reikimaster, with a background in client-centered therapy, system/family constellation , psychological astrology and past life regression. European by birth, I grew up in Asia and am a gypsy at heart, because I see this life as a journey... The reason I decided to start this blog is because I wanted to offer an everyday life compatible toolbox for anyone who wishes to further their own development and evolvement and who is eager to profit from the knowledge and experiences I have gathered over the last half century that I have walked this earth in this body... I am always open to your questions, so fee