Just the other day, someone said to me: if you want to make progress in an area that you are stalled in, meet and talk with people who are a step ahead of you, who have figured it out and are already successful at it. Maybe you have heard this kind of advice before, I certainly have. But this time, in the discussed area, I had been revolving around the topic for quite some time, had already considered it initially years ago and hadn't followed through, there were other things, tasks and issues at hand, to be taken care of... But, now, I was ready to follow through! And, lo and behold: the very next day, meeting up with an old friend, who lives on the other side of this planet, after many years, she tells me about the exact thing that I was getting ready to tackle, speaking to me out of the exact ahead postion I just mentioned... and she enjoys and is good at what she does, has taken the necessary steps and gladly gave me pointers and answered my questions! All the questions that she had asked, all the doubts she had overcome, and now, there she was, living the life and baking the bread (metaphorically speaking ;) ).

Looking back on the past decades, the more I review my growth process, the more I realize that there were different speeds for different lessons. Some I got really quick and easy, they were no-brainers. With others, I got burned darned often for my taste. Somehow I couldn't extract myself from living and reliving patterns that always led to pain. Some of them are surely still switched on. But, what a joy, to see them dissolved one by one! And I have learned that when the time is right, and you are ready for it, change will come, or let's say: you will allow change.

One of the essential ingredients for change is decision making. Once you have decided upon something and are clear about where you are heading, literally as e.g. a physical destination you want to reach, and therefore go from a to b, or any topic/issue/plan you want to tackle with a clear goal set in mind, you will get more input, info, ideas, meet people who inspire you, challenge you or guide you. Be open and ready for the ride, you'll be surprised at the new perspective you will suddenly be looking out from!

Two years ago, when my gypsy soul was hitting rock bottom due to withdrawal from longterm travelling, I made the decision to take a year off from my life in all too familiar surroundings, a sabbatical if you will. Also, I wanted to show my child the world. Growing up in different countries as a child myself, I embrace the immense beauty of diversity and the information and lessons and self-reflective magic that comes forth from different cultures and people and climate zones. There is something very healing about travelling, about being away from your everyday life with the same old same old. And for a child, to experince the possibility to whitness something else, other people living other lives in other places, yet seeing that they are not very different at all, because essentially we belong to the same species, the same human race and want and need and give the same things, the main one being: love. And, again. When I made the decision (it was time! I just knew it, it was burning inside me, an urgency to do it, now!), - things fell into place. The preparations began, I gave myself a year to plan and prepare. All of a sudden, even though I was living the exact same life as before this decision, and even though I had many obligations and tasks and work... I had boundless energy to get everything in order and to work everything out! And the plan unravelled, obstacles came and were overcome, new ideas were welcomed, I searched, found and got the infos that I needed, I was inspired by people who had done something similar, and, even though at the time my financial situation wasn't that of a world traveller who can do without active income for a year, I did it. I just did it, and it worked. Because I was ready, because it was time, because I made the decision and that set everything in motion....

I whitness this especially, when clients come to my practice. These people are ready for change! Alone the fact that they have decided to seek a neutral, benevolent, professional assistant to escort them in their growth process, is much more of a 'first step' than they think it is. It is more like a first mile on their way to change and recovery, self-empowerment and healling. And it is them, their choice, their determination to change the things no longer working in their life, their decision to move out of suffering into happiness. I am always amazed and in awe of the strides they take, the big, visible steps they take to get to where they want to be. The true dedication to reflect their behavior, their thought patterns, their reactions and actions. Oh, what a wonderful and gratifying job I have, to have the honor to accompany these beings while they go through these healing and happiness enhancing life phases, it makes me so happy to see them grow! And to know that it has always been there, inside of them, that it is in their power to change. I am only their mirror, the mirror they chose to look into in this particular time, for this particular process.

If it helps you, write down areas in your life that you want to see change in. Then pick the most urgent and reflect upon it. Don't stay in frustration mode though, rather imagine that this issue is ready to be transformed. See which one you resonate with and feel the most urgent need for change with. If it doesn't strike you right away, look at it some time later. After a while, you might realize that some of the topics you have noted down are already in a process of change, some are just as sticky as glue. Give yourself time, be patient and kind towards yourself. Change will come! When you are ready, it will come....

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