Where are you stuck?

Do you have a quick answer to this or do you have to ponder the question for a bit? Some things are way more obvious than others. You may be trapped in a job you don't like, in a relationship that no longer works or in some kind of life situation that is frustrating and painstaking. On the outside, it is easier to pinpoint the 'place' you are trapped in . However, I dare say: it is an interior place, a pattern, a mindset, an emotion, an echo, a story...that is the true trap you have'nt wiggled free from yet. Because if you had, you would either truly change whatever is bothering you or, if that is, for some reason, not possible right now, you would change your attitude towards it. Either way, you will feel better. What I am saying here is: you always have a choice!
To begin your way out of the unwanted situation -even though it might seem detrimental at first sight- one key to move forward is to arrive at an inside place where you are at peace with how things are right now, without putting yourself down for the status quo. And you might find that some topics are related to each other in a way that was not obvious to begin with, or they are linked in such manner that if one of them is resolved, the others follow and untwirl easily.
There is a book by Melodiy Beattie, that instructs you to find that place of acceptance and work through things in a 40 day program. It is one of my alltime-favorite go-to-scripts that I recommend to my clients and that I myself use when I feel stuck. Do this program and watch your resentments and resistances melt away!

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