Mmmh, karma is a word thrown around without really thinking about it or knowing its true meaning. It simply signifies: the law of cause and effect. When people say: 'it is bad karma', they seem to hand what is happening off to some outside power. This is not true. We create karma as we go and when karma 'hits us', we are presented with a challenge that our soul, at some point, agreed to, by the actions it performed, again: at some point. If you will, see your soul as an eager student in this earthly adventure. This is a place for intense lessons, because everything is, at least apparently so, quite dense. We are in our physical bodies and experience physical pain and pleasure, we have emotional bodies that experience pain and pleasure emotionally, and we have mind bodies that experience pain and pleasure of and in the mind. Ok, it is not all just about pain and pleasure, you might say, and yes, I agree, of course there is something in between. But I think you catch my draft when I simplify it into these two ends of the scale just for the sake of easier explanation.
As part of my work, I do past life regressions. But let me tell you, I am not dogmatic about this. I rather see the whole method as a conversation with the subconscious, the eternal memory, not necessarily just subjective, it may as well be collective snippets that are revealed. So this karma thing is actually really interesting. It is, at least to me, not about proving that you have lived before, your soul is so and so old, experiencced, enlightened or whatever. It is more about getting information and processing it and allowing an interpretation of your currrent state of affairs in the light of this new information. And never is it something static! You always have the opportunity to learn from it. There is no such thing as unchangeable, terminal karma. It is a flow, a string of actions and consequences and learning and understanding how they are related and how this can enhance your growth. The more you learn, the less binding karma you will create, because you will be way more aware of what you are doing and about the consequences of your actions. It actually becomes quite fun when you realize that it is very liberating to be more and more conscious. Again, it is about really learning, meaning that you really ingest the lessons, not just nod them over superficially. There will be a fascinating repetition of challenges handed to you by life, coming at you in different garments and different situations.
Picture it as a school. I remember a homeschooling computer program that gave you the tasks and equations and questions, and when you understood what they were about and what you were doing, you would run through them easily. As soon as you glitched though, the program would uncomfortably repeat the stuff. And even if your 'mistake' was just a fleeting one, like you didn't really read a question til the end or you didn't spell something out correctly, even though you actually would have been able to provide the exact right answer, you would have to repeat it until you proved the program that you really got it. And consequently, from there on, the knowledge you had trained was a given and was no longer questioned but was henceforth subtly included in the later lessons without explanation. This is how life works! Think of things that were challenging to you when you first came across them and are no-brainers now. It is like learning a language. First you just scrape basic words, then you slowly form basic sentences and eventually, you can converse and still later on, you can use the language without much thinking about it at all, until, one day, you are just fluent and there is no more challenge in speaking it, but still you use it and it is just natural to use it. Same goes for riding a bike or car, swimming, cooking, knitting, programming, drawing etc. Same goes for life lessons. When you really get them, they are either not presented to you anymore, or, when they are part of a new set of lessons, they are the easy part that needs no effort to apply...

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